My Services

Drilling Supervisor / Company Man

  • Providing continuous 24 hours supervision for all the operations at the well site.
  • Check all on site Equipment (e.g. casing handling equipment, drilling jars, MWD) Well Materials (e.g. casings, liner hangers, wellheads, packers), and Well Consumables (e.g. bits, mud additives, cement additives) & ensure that they are stored and handled in an appropriate manner at the well-site
  • Provide standing instructions to toolpushers on operations.
  • Supervise all shallow tests on Motors; MWDs & LWDs are carried prior to running in hole and after pull-out-of-hole.
  • Ensure that correct BHAs are run in and the well trajectory is as per the plan.
  • Follow the survey program as per the drilling program
  • Verify drilling fluids are mixed as per the mud program and required solids control equipment is operated at each phase of the well.
  • Ensure required minimum stock of mud chemicals and cement is always maintained at the rig-site. Ensure flow checks, FITs, LOTs are conducted as required by the drilling program.
  • Supervise all casing, liner and tubing running operations and ensure they are executed as per the drilling program.
  • Perform independently all cementing calculations and cross-check with cementing service provider to avoid discrepancies and supervises all cementing operations.
  • Supervise all well completion running and flow testing operation.
  • Supervise and ensure safe and efficient rig move.